Gorgeous Menace Cosplay by Mussum


It seems that Mussum has once again graced her followers with another decently sexy cosplay. This time she’s chosen to share with her followers her queenly portrayal of the character, Menace, from Queen’s Blade.

Magic, sexy women, well-endowed buxoms, and a lot of skin – this pretty much sums up what to expect from Queen’s Blade. The story focuses on the journey of the brave warriors who are to fight in a tournament called Queen’s Blade, where after defeating the current queen, the winner shall be declared as the most beautiful and the most powerful Queen in the land.

Menace is a princess of a kingdom called Amara that has long been extinct thousands of years ago. Menace died along with her people after being betrayed. Menace was resurrected by the swamp witch in exchange for her loyalty and service to the witch. As royalty, Menace is used to living a life of luxury surrounded by servants who do her bidding. She has the power to resurrect people as well as forcing them to do what she wants. This was basically how she went about restoring her old kingdom. Aside from being an enchantress, she is a master of Martial Arts. Her punches are equipped with magic and she can drain her opponents’ life even with just a single touch.


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