Maeden Shows Enterprising Cosplayers How To Look Like Kirk


Maeden from Fandom Spotlite is giving us a tutorial today that will take you where no one has ever gone before, okay… maybe they have but they haven’t looked this accurate doing it! Specifically, this look is to turn anyone of any gender into the Chris Pine version of Captain Kirk from the Star Trek reboot movies.

She starts off by getting her hair out of the way and styled into a Kirk like style with a side part that is swooped back, and she uses gel and hairspray to hold it in position. Of course, since this is a male character she is going to use minimal makeup, and starts off with some concealer just to deal with dark spots and then uses a small amount to even out the whole face. The distinctive Chris Pine eyebrows are next, and she shapes them with a pencil and makes sure they have the thick and signature shape to them. She then contours her nose with some eyeshadow to make it look wider and does the same thing with her jawline to make it look more defined too. She then puts a little concealer and pink eyeshadow on her lips to give them a more male presenting look.

She gives some posing tips too, and this tutorial is going to help you nail a look that looks like you are taking the helm and setting course at warp speed.



In this video, Maeden shows you how to obtain that signature Chris Pine look as Captain Kirk! With this step by step tutorial, make yourself look more like the famous Starship Captain, no matter your gender! Take your Star Trek Cosplay to the next level!
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Chris Pine has distinctive features and a certain look. In this video, learn how to use makeup to mimic certain facial characteristics. While these techniques are shown to emulate one character, you can use them to change your features for any cosplay (well, cosplays which show your face).
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