anzujaamu Makes This Look Seem Like EZ Mode


Get in your mech and prepare to push the payload with this from Overwatch look by anzujaamu, as she gives us a great step by step guide to looking like our favorite dive tank MEKA pilot!

She starts off with some peeling pads to give her skin a good texture and some A’pieu Baby Tone Up eye cream in the under eye area before applying some Milky U moisturizer from A’pieu.  She starts off with some A’pieu First Glow serum on her face to give her a glowy finish and a lip plumping serum to moisturize her lips. Instead of foundation she uses a cushion BB from A’pieu Glow and then uses L’Oreal Infallible concealer under her eyes and applied with a beauty blender type sponge. She then uses a foundation brush to blend it all more and then applies some powder to lock it all in place. She draws on straight brows for that animated look, but since one of her brows is always covered by the wig she only draws on the visible one. Since doesn’t seem to wear much in the way of eyeshadow, she uses only a cool natural toned brown on the outer parts of her eye, and then blends with a little bit of a warmer color too and just lightly brushes it on. She uses a black eye pencil along her waterline and lash line, and then uses a brown liquid liner from Benefit for a first bit of shaping to the liner. She uses the NYX white jumbo eye pencil for her inner lower lid and then puts some mascara on her lashes. She then goes over the brown eyeliner with black and contours her nose and using the contour to pinch the tip of it, as well as contouring around her brow and jaw. Then she uses a little bit of blush and then highlights her nose. She uses a mostly nude lip liner to overline her lips, and uses a light orange lipstick shade with a darker placed in the middle and blended with her fingers. A little eyeshadow helps nail the look more and then she shapes the lip more with concealer.

Back to the eyes she uses more black liner to get the little extra wings on the eyes. For the shapes on her cheeks she uses a NYX liquid suede lipstick in a pink color that matches it well and draws it on first with a tiny brush. She does say that if you have the right shade then bodypaint would be better. She finishes it off by putting some gloss from Inglot on her lips and putting on some fake eyelashes. This is a cute and accurate looking makeup that will help you finish off your cosplay, be sure to check out the rest of anzujaamu‘s videos and social media for more tutorials and ideas!



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