Alexstrasza Cosplay


Long time World of Warcraft players who spent many a night raiding will likely remember the name Alexstrasza the Dragon Queen, protector of all life in Azeroth. She has been an important part of WoW’s lore since the days of the Lich King coming to the aid of the mortals in their war. In Wrath of the Litch King and Cataclysm Alexstraza shows herself as a stunning, tall Blood Elf sporting horns a triceratops would be jealous on top of a body that would make any raid boss melt.

Cosplayer Tine Marie decided the world deserved to see that unbelievable body brought to life complete with horns and barely there armor. Danarki Photography and artist Jellycide help make the image complete, to make sure we would never forget it.

Alexstrasza is such a dear character to me, she was the first character I was actually interested in when I started playing World of Warcraft~


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