Mayriel’s D.Va Is Ready For Battle


Locked and loaded, looking focused, it’s Mayriel and she’s ready to kick ass as D.Va tonight! I’m always fond of a really good, full body cosplay and with Halloween coming up, there is no shortage of excellent cosplays that are on display. One of my favorites always includes video games characters as a gamer myself, which is why I’m excited to see an excellent depiction of a kick ass fighter like the blue and pink-covered babe sitting in her room.

With glasses and a cute smile, it looks like she’s having a wind down after a busy day of fighting, but her costume looks as stunning nonetheless. That’s exactly why I’m excited to see more of the wonderful Mayriel and her excellent array of weapons!

Mayriel's D.Va Is Ready For Battle

Mayriel's D.Va Is Ready For Battle

Real Name:May (NOT bb, baby bby)
Birth Date:Aug. 3, 2000
I am:Female
Interested In:Men, Women, Trans, Couples


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