Cyberpunk Poison Ivy Cosplay by Luna Lanie


Since the release of Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad movie, one of the side stories for “The Batman Adventures” series, a lot of its fans can’t hep but reminisce all those glorious moments and breathtaking action-packed adventures of our beloved Dark Knight against the cunning villains of Gotham City. One of my personal favorites was Poison Ivy for her mysterious beauty that’s absolutely charming. And oh, her ability to control plants too!

Here’s Luna Lanie‘s Steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay which is really gorgeous. I’d say this is my favorite cosplay among her creations for its elaborate details. These stunning photos were taken by David Ngo Photography.

Steampunk Poison Ivy art by Nunzia Boccassini.

Steampunk Poison Ivy Art by Nunzia Boccassini

Steampunk Poison Ivy Art by Nunzia Boccassini


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