Trickster Episode 2


From where we left off, Hanasaki tried to pursue Kobayashi in joining Boys Detective Club because of his powers, but he got away anyway because he felt like he shouldn’t be surrounded by other people.

I think by this time, people had realized how dangerous and at the same time, helpful Kobayashi can be if he’ll be on your side. This episode is like a trial for Kobayashi if he can join the Boys Detective Club.

A lady, Mei, went to detective Akechi to ask for help because she found letters made by her boyfriend that seems like “death threats”. Hanasaki followed Mei’s boyfriend to work and when he tried to buy food because he got hungry, he found out that his wallet is not with him.

I don’t know how it got there to Kobayashi but somehow he got Hanasaki’s wallet and tried to buy food. He always say it’s not his fault so I’m not sure on how he got hold of the wallet.

Makoto Noro, their resident genius, was able to track the wallet and found out that it was being used to purchase a food at a vending machine so Hanasaki went to retrieve it and found Kobayashi. In exchange for food, Hanasaki promised Kobayashi all the food he can eat if he joins Boys Detective Club.

Dragged along Hanasaki, Kobayashi was found very useful especially in breaking and entering closed buildings. After finding out that Mei was the criminal and that her boyfriend was just a victim but unfortunately died of poisoning, Kobayashi found himself tagging along Hanasaki with a little wound on his finger, which is a sign that he may be losing his immortality, and finally get his death wish.


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