Trickster: Episode 4


In this episode, I was expecting more of Kobayashi’s willingness in cooperating with the detectives rather than unwillingness because I’d like to see and discover more of him. I was waiting to find out where he came from and why couldn’t die, too.

At the start of this episode, it was shown on how Inoue is like as a student, as well as Hanasaki. I did not recognize Hanasaki the first time I saw him in school uniform.

Because Hanasaki and Inoue has school, Akechi made it a rule not to disturb them when they are in class and take them off the case within school hours so he brought Kobayashi with him instead.

It’s nice to see Kaijin Nijuu Menso in action because I was curious about this character on what he can do. Is he like Shogo Makishima of Psycho Pass who was difficult to catch?

It seems like he lives by his name because of his disguise. When Kobayashi and Inoue sort of checked out the place where the police was taken as a hostage, they were trapped and water was pouring from all over the places and even Kobayashi cannot destroy the walls.

After watching this episode, it made me crave for more from this anime because it is finally building up the story and action that we want to see about this anime.


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