Trickster: Episode 3


The second episode shows more of what Hanasaki does as a member of Boys Detective Club and what Akechi’s rules are when a woman came to their office asking for help. The woman was looking for her missing son because she needs his help in taking care of he ill husband. Although Kobayashi interjected a rude remark, Inoue asked him not to say anything when there is a client.

Hanasaki sort of “dragged” Kobayashi to join him with a promise that he will be able to eat all the food he wants and may be one day get his death wish. It’s good that the Akechi had left this case to the Boys Detective Club to solve because even when there are struggles to have Kobayashi around, he decided to join them first because there’s food and he needs to eat and then because his hands got hurt when he was tagging along Hanasaki and he was convinced that Hanasaki will be able to help him.


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