Marvelous Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) Cosplay By Mussum


With superheroes making a huge influence in today’s movie and television, it’s no surprise that more and more characters from the comic books are getting some spotlight from new and old fans alike.

Personally, I’m happy that some Western comic book characters have made themselves known to certain parts of Asia. A perfect example of is Mussum‘s cosplay of Ms. Marvel. This cosplay is a breath of fresh air among all the Japanese anime inspired cosplays that we usually see dominating the conventions in Asia.

Ms. Marvel is basically like Captain Marvel. You can literally say she’s the female counterpart of Captain Marvel. Like many of Marvel’s superheroes there have been different people assuming the role of Ms. Marvel. This version that Musum has chosen to cosplay is the Carol Danvers version of Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers became a superhero after being trapped with Captain Marvel in an explosion which caused her DNA to merge with Captain Marvel’s thereby granting her superpowers.






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