Underwater Rei Ayanami Cosplay


Neon Genesis Evangelion’s character, Ayanami Rei, has always been a popular cosplay choice for fans of the anime. In a time where cutsey girls dominated the anime world, Rei was a flagship for the industry to create more characters patterned after her tough and quiet personality.

It’s not so often that we find creatively impressive photographed cosplays of Rei Ayanami and often times when we do, there’s only oh so few shots of it. In this case, there’s only one photo of it uploaded by cosplayer, Hinaasakura, while promoting her photobook and ROM that she usually has up for sale during comiket.

To those who are not familiar with the term “ROM” here’s a little info: ROM disks are mostly self-produced and sold by cosplayers in Japan during events such as comiket. These disks are filled with either cosplay photos of videos. Sometimes, these are sold on the cosplayer’s website or blog site. Hinaasakura’s ROMs can be found here : https://cherrya.cart.fc2.com/


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