Spectacular Rei Ayanami Cosplay

It’s not often that you find a cosplay that looks so much like it just came out straight from a scene of the anime or a movie. The best part, I’m sorry to say, is that some of it look better than the anime. Take a look at this cosplay of Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami by “77 aka 49”.

There were two costumes used for this shoot and both costumes were pretty simple but the background just brought the whole shoot together. The set they used is just incredible. It wasn’t mentioned if it was a commercial place or if they built it but obviously it took a lot of effort to build. If it was 3D art then they must have some really talented and patient people working with them during post processing. The cool ambience and the lights worked well with the feel of the entire theme. All in all, this entire shoot and everyone in it and behind it all the way down to the post processing is just really impressive!

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