Tammy Ryu from Austria


Anime is indeed very popular that it is known around the world and cosplay is a passionate hobby where everyone around the world participate in.

It is very common for Asians and Americans to be cosplayers and there are just a few Europeans that I’ve met and seen so far that are very passionate with cosplay.

Today, I was able to see a very pretty Austrian cosplayer by the name of Tammy Ryu. She’s very passionate with cosplay, creates her costumes, make her own make up and edits her own photos!

She has been participating on different cosplay events and I’m pretty sure she’s being invited to have a guest appearance on different cosplay conventions around the world.

Tammy Ryu is very active and visible in different social media and cosplay site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, World Cosplay and Deviantart.


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