Saida from South Korea as Elsa


The next cosplayer that I will be featuring is from the neighboring country of Japan, which is South Korea. Her name is Saida and she’s known for her really gorgeous and handsome cosplays. Yes, she crossplays too!

She’s Elsa from Frozen this time and this is the best Elsa cosplay that I’ve seen so far. I’ve seen a TV show but I can really say that she’s better than them!

By just looking at her Elsa cosplay, you’ll really be stunned about the effort she made from the costume to the make up to bring the character to life.

If you would like to view other Saida’s amazing cosplays, she do have a Facebook Page, Twitter, World Cosplay, Weibo, and Instagram account that you can follow.

Now, as you scroll down and check each picture, don’t tell me you don’t have that song played at the back of your mind as you watch Elsa’s transformation.


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