Blue Bliss With Darenzia


Darenzia looks absolutely stunning in this BlueBlood gallery. She resembles a character from the future portrayed in The Fifth Element, and that is a style that works rather well.

Her makeup presents a fantastic point to rest your eyes at while enjoying its monochrome nature, and her outfit provides a blissful contrast that will have you debating where to rest your gaze next (hint: look at her eyes, they are mesmerizing). The latex skirt she has on gives her a kind of “secretarial” look that will have you excited with the fact that RubberDollies like her exist in the world.


This monster corset was Darenzia’s favorite for a few weeks, but she gets pretty much a constant stream of clothing, so the affair could not last. Forrest Black and I were able to immortalize it on camera while it was her favorite beloved. That is what photography is all about.
–Amelia G



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