Darenzia Looks Marvelous In Blue


Darenzia’s look in this BlueBlood gallery is quite interesting since her accessories kind of make her look like a super heroine.

Her long, blue hair is extraordinarily elegant, and the fact that at first it conceals the shaved side of her head only makes it better when it moves around revealing it, (I must say there is something highly lustful about a shaven head, just imagine running your fingers through it in the midst of a passionate kiss and you’ll see what I mean).

All that said, imagine Darenzia as a BarelyEvil super heroine coming to save you one day and after she does that, you get to thank her like Mary Jane thanks Spiderman in the first Sam Raimi movie.

Lastly, this gallery features the color blue a lot, which is ironic because blue is definitely the opposite of how you will feel after browsing each image.


I loved these crazy monster accessories, and having them match Darenzia’s hair was just perfect. The folks that made them were interesting burner type artists that kinda moved around a lot and had some really fun parties too. I suspect I’ll run into them someplace weird, as usual. But anyway, these were fun to do. Hope you enjoy them too! ~Forrest


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