Nana Cosplay By Emmy


If you remember the doll-faced Russian coser and model in China who cosplayed Shimakaze, you’ll be pleased to know that Emmy is gaining more and more followers for her cosplays over in the land of no Facebook. If you missed out on that Shimakaze cosplay, you can read it here.

Now, here’s a cosplay from Emmy that might bring nostalgia to those who are familiar with this anime and manga – NANA. Meet Nana Ozaki, the female protagonist of the story.

Portraying muscular characters might prove to be challenging for Emmy considering her stature, however, with the current physique she’s able to portray petite characters like Nana Ozaki just the way she was written and drawn. Of course that is not to say that cosplayers should stick to cosplaying those of their body types. Cosplay is still a free art of expression and there is no set rule that prohibits anyone from cosplaying who they like. Likewise, some cosplayers are free to choose to cosplay characters who are closer to their body types.


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