Megu as Lynn Minmay


Lynn Minman (Minmay) is a character from the very popular Robotech TV series. She started out as a girl with a dream of becoming a star and ended up on Macross Island. Much to her, and everyone else’s dismay, Minmay was caught up in the Robotech wars right from the start when the Zentraedi first attacked. She was rescued by Rick Hunter in that attack only to end up being trapped onboard the SDF-1 which in turn, attempted to escape the attack with a hyperspace fold that landed the SDF-1, and everyone inside, near Pluto with a missing engine. Unfortunately, it was the engine that was used to do the fold with that vanished. The entire time Minmay was onboard the SDF-1, she managed to become the first and only singing and movie star. Her music was used to leave the enemy forces in complete chaos which gave the Robotech forces the advantage to win against 1 million battle ships. The other story line for Minmany that I never saw, unfortunately for me, was that Minmay is Zor’s mother. This was due to time travel by the SDF-1 being caught in a black hole.

Here we have Megu as Lynn Minmay when Minmay sings “Shao Pai Long” (Little White Dragon) during her first concert.


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