From the Cosplay Capital of the World


I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers but the Japanese are the most passionate cosplayers in the world. It is like in their blood and history. Cosplay has become their culture. They even have a city where you can go and see cosplayers everywhere and stores dedicated for Cosplay. For me, Akibahara is the heaven of cosplayers.

I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers but Sui is one of those who caught my attention. At first, I thought it was a guy cosplaying because of all the pictures I’ve seen on the Facebook page and her personal Facebook page. I added her right away and she was kind enough to grant a short interview.

Surprisingly, she’s been cosplaying for only 2 years but looks like she’s been a cosplayer for several years because she’s very good at it. She’s best in crossplaying, even!

She bought some of her costumes and some she borrowed from her friends. Other cosplayers take several years to have a perfect crossplay but she did it effortlessly.

We can only expect the best from the Cosplay capital of the world, indeed!


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