Gender bent Ryuk from Down Under


Okay, so usually when people talk about Cosplay, they automatically think about Japan. I admit that most Asian cosplayers look more like the anime characters. I don’t know why, but that’s what I think. So, I saw this cosplayer and I was amazed because it is actually my first time to encounter such a passionate Aussie cosplayer named Foxxi Loxxi.

I’m pretty sure there are other wonderful cosplayers out there but what caught my eye is her gender bent version of Ryuk from Death Note.

It is creepy and sexy all at the same time. I noticed on her Facebook page, Foxxi Loxxi Cosplay, is that she’s fond of gender bent cosplays. She has spiderman, cyclops, L (one of my favorites), Madhatter from Alice, etc. Believe it or not, Foxxi Loxxi makes her costumes herself, including this outfit of Ryuk. Talk about talent and creativity!

She wore this cosplay at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2014 and photos by CMOSs Photography, who I think made a really fantastic job at this.

You may check more of her pictures through CMOSs Photography’s Facebook page and many other wonderful cosplayers.


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