ILoveTrunks and Friend’s Humorous Meg (Ron) Griffin Family Guy Cosplay


Anybody remember that episode of Family Guy that takes place in the future and Meg’s a man named Ron? Well, this cosplay by ILoveTrunks (costume) and Friend (modeling) of man-Ron proves that there’s a cosplay for everything. While “Ron” Griffin had a mustache rather than a beard, it hardly matters: the unidentified Friend’s build is uncannily similar to Meg/Ron’s in the episode, and the glasses are exactly right. Overall this is quite a successful cosplay, bearing a great likeness of man-Meg and funny to boot. Aforementioned Friend wore this to Anime Central 2014, too, which is definitely worth mentioning.


I put together this Meg Griffin cosplay and my friend was brave enough to wear it at ACEN! It scares me how much he pulls it off, especially after I straightened his hair. lmao……that is all…..


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