Captain A. Cosplay’s Tense Peeta Mellark Hunger Games Cosplay


Venezuela looks suspiciously like Panem, and Captain A. Cosplay looks suspiciously like Peeta from Hunger Games! He has the same blond hair and that same guileless, inquisitive face Josh Hutcherson has. With a forest background that has one of those potentially-deadly vibes, this cosplay is brimming with the survivalist energy of the 74th Hunger Games: the trees are gnarled, the clothing is minimalistic, and the scene is tense. Captain A. Cosplay’s defensive stance and expression channel Peeta’s, adding another layer of credibility to his portrayal, and his outfit is accurate. Everything here delivers 100% on context, showing that you don’t need fancy costumes or a precise background to be able to show what’s going on with the character.



Peeta Mellark- by me

Photo- Maria Lemus


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