Anastasia Romanov by Liv-is-alive Cosplay


Here comes one truly nostalgic character from my childhood days!

I present you her royalty Anastasia Romanov, revived by the beautiful Liv-is-alive Cosplay.

We all know that Anastasia is popular (at least people knowing about her), but I don’t think she’s cosplayed too often.

“I went to my first American convention this past weekend – WonderCon! It was really surreal, because it was so similar to European ones but still very different. People passing you would just yell out compliments! And apparently Anastasia is not a popular costume over here – people told me I was a rare Pokemon!”

No worries, Liv. You are really alive in this costume – so beautiful and elegant.

And the dress is just stunning…

I am in love with this costume, so sweet.

If you want to see more of Liv, visit her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page and enjoy in her stunning work.

Photos were taken by Alvin Johnson Photography and Zoom.


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