You Will Be Over The Moon For This Queen Serenity Look By PICTURRESQUE I Regina


PICTURRESQUE I Regina has done costumes of every single one of the Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon, and in this little tutorial she does her final one: Queen Serenity! This is a stunning look that is simple to recreate and will help you bring your Moon Kingdon dreams to life.

This is actually a pretty unique way of doing this video, as due to circumstances there is only music and no voice over, yet it is incredibly easy to follow exactly what she is doing.  She starts off using some NYX Lid Lingerie in the color “Power Trip” on a spoolie and brushing it through her brows before adding some A´pieu Skinny brow concealer over that. She then uses a Christian eyebrow palette and a flat angled brush to shape and fill her brows. The next step is to use the Zoeva En Taupe Palette and build up a base with a fluffy brush before using some LA Splash Hydro liquid eyeshadow and Diamond Dust in the colour “Cosmos” to get a good silver sparkle over her lids. She uses the Natasha Denona Green Purple palette in a grey tone under her eye after that  and builds up more sparkle on her lid with some LA Splash Diamond Dust in “Platinum Fizz”. She uses some eyeliner on a brush to make a bit of a wing that blends to the sparkle. More Diamond Dust goes under the eyes, and some Kiko Magnetic Eyeshadow goes in the inner corner for a highlight. She then puts some Gosh Boombastic mascara on her lashes after curling them, and some of the LA Splash Hydro eyeshadow goes on her brows to make them sparkle and shine too!

She then uses a little Sephora concealer in the spots that are desired, and takes and applies some Charlotte Tilburry Flawless Filter foundation in a light color to the high points of her cheeks. She then mixes a Dior and a Revlon Colorstay foundation to achieve the right color and coverage, and applies it over her face with a blender. She rubs a Milk blush in “Rally” on her wrist and then uses a sponge to apply it to her cheeks and then goes over it with a NYX Illuminating stick in “Brick Red Blaze”. She hits her highlight points with Sephora face shimmering powder in “Delicate Glow” and then powders her face with some Kryolan Anti Shine powder.

After that is done, she takes and uses a Kiko lip liner in “104” to line her lips and fills it in with a Zoeva gloss in “Join The Dance”. At that point, all that is left is to apply the jewlery and wig to complete the look and you are ready to reign over the Moon Kingdom as Queen Serenity! Check out all of PICTURRESQUE I Regina‘s looks on her page so you can find some more amazing ideas!
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BROWS NYX – Lid Lingerie – Power Trip
A´pieu – Skinny brow concealer
Christian – Eyebrow Palette
Zoeva -En Taupe Palette
LA Splash – Hydro liquid eyeshadow chic
LA Splash – Diamond Dust Cosmos
Natasha Denona – Green Purple Palette
NYX – Glitter Primer
LA Splash – Diamond Dust Platinum Fizz
Kiko – Liquid Lipstick 015
L´Oreal – Super Liner black
Glazen – Eye Gloss mermaid
LA Splash – Glitter Pina Colada
Linda Hallberg -Zhao Flash
Kiko – 101 Magnetic Eyeshadow
Gosh – Mascara Boombastic
Lashes – Aliexpress
Sephora – 06 beige clair concealer
Charlotte Tilburry – Flawless Filter 2
Dior – Backstage 2CR
Revolan – Color Stay 150
Sephora – 26 peach
Jerome Alexander – Magic Pearls
Milk – Blush Rally
NYX – Brick Red Blaze
Sephora – Highlighter Delicate Glow
Kryolan -Anit Shine Powder
Kiko – Long Lasting Color 104
Zoeva – Join the Dance
ttdeye – Polar Lights grey use code Picturresque for money off
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