Guns at the Cathedral

“I’m sorry. I forgot to mention one of the reasons I hunt your kind. You’re much too ugly not to be taken out of your misery.” Not much of a difference eh? or even much better? Obviously, this game has it’s years and you may already know Bayonetta or real name, Cereza. Since we have here the Bayonetta 2 Cereza I’ll be introducing her sequel info. Bayonetta has built up her former friendship from the past with Jeanne once again and seems to enjoy having an ally to help her out with her contract. However, as demonstrated when a demon summon goes wrong, she is not slow to turn against her demonic ‘pets’ if they do not follow her instructions. Her determination truly shows itself when she is willing to travel to Inferno itself if it means being able to rescue her friend.

Our cosplay for today is the very alluring and pretty Ariena Ten or real name, Alena. She’s been cosplaying for more than 5 years and for the 5 years, she have shown her skills, willingness and love for cosplay. What’s more about Ariena is the due to her Russian genes, as well know most russian young female has this big eyes which is really best for cosplaying anime charcters. Besides cosplyaying and being a model, she’s also a photographer and studies as the designer of clothes which she continues to apply on her cosplays.

There so much difference in her second outfit but you may not notice it if you don’t look carefully but Bayonetta retains the use of a skin tight black suit, though the designs of the previous suit have been radically altered. The gold chains have been removed and replaced with thinner silver ones and jagged patterns resembling roses and thorns are placed along her thighs and stomach. Her gloves have changed to include a dark blue colour on the palms with a Renaissance-style flair added onto each wrist. The major thing that I love about both the cosplay and the character itself is instead of having the very and weird long hair like in the previous game, she was able to cut it and made it part of her overall outfit which REALLY REALLY look much better and cool.

Pretty, Gorgeous, Alluring, Sexy, Attractive and Lovely yet it isn’t enough to describe her and it’s really good thing that I happened to learn about her. Many cosplayer keeps popping up nowadays but I can assure you the Arienai-ten would go far long so let’s continue support her by following her on Facebook, and Youtube.

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