This Misa Amane Cosplay Makeup Will Have You Taking Names


Get your notebooks ready! The amazing Kleiner Pixel is going to show you how to bring Misa Amane from Death Note to life with this cosplay makeup tutorial, and soon you will be taking down some names as you slay at every event you attend!

This tutorial starts off with a really cute intro of her in the full cosplay and with a little guest appearance by a hungry Shinigami. The production style on this video is awesome and it has this really cool look that gives it some uniqueness and makes it entertaining while also standing out. She starts off with some Unny concealer that she uses to block out her brows then uses some Bisous foundation powder over them to set them. A Love Me palette from The Saem comes into play next and she uses it to fill in her brows in a new shape with a flat brush. She uses some eyelid tape next and then uses the Etude Cherry Blossom palette around her crease area. A’pieu Ink eyeliner is what she uses to line her eyes and make an outer wing, leaving the inner area of the eye open. She puts some Holika Holika mascara on her own lashes before applying some Uniqso Stella pointed lashes to give them that big pop.

The Face Shop double veil concealer then goes under her eyes and she pats it in with her finger before applying some Peripera foundation all over her face. Etude powder is then used to set her foundation and then uses some Labiotte eyeshadow to contour and shape her nose. The Rude Angelic Glow palette in “Honest” to highlight her eyes and then her Holika Holika Jelly Dough blush is placed on her cheeks for color. Then she moves to the lips and colors them with a Mousse Candy Tint from The Saem, and contours her jawline with a Missha Velvet Like Color Stick. Finally, she uses Uniqso red screen mesh contacts to give herself the perfect “Shinigami Eyes” look!

This is a stunning transformation into Misa Misa, sure to strike fear into the hearts of enemies of Kira everywhere! Check out all of Kleiner Pixel ‘s awesome makeup and cosplay tutorials.


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