Misa Amane Cosplay by Demi Doom


At the recently concluded QCon XXIII 2016 held at Queen’s University, Belfast, a lot of cosplayers and cosplay fanatics from UK and Ireland gathered together to witness and join the festivity. Demi Doom was one of the avid cosplayers who went there rocking her “goth-terrific” Misa Amane Cosplay which really looked so beautiful on her.

She almost looked like the perfect copy of Misa Amane from Death Note except for the detail on her boots and thigh high lace stockings. But all in all, she was stunning. I gotta say that Demi definitely got a perfect sense for Goth and alternative fashion.

Here’s her Misa Amane Cosplay photos taken by Matthew Denvir and Demi herself during QCon XXIII 2016.

Death Note: Misa Amane

Death Note: Misa Amane


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