Johanna Crusader by Bamzy Cosplay


Here comes one of the sexiest crusader of the famous Diablo 3, stunning blonde Johanna revived by Canadian girl Bamzy Cosplay.

“Going demon hunting. Not even Diablo can stop me!”
Oh, we see that you are very serious about this outfit! Very impressive, we can’t wait to see more.

“Obsessed does not even being to describe how i feel about these photos. It was my first private scheduled photo shoot and it was wow!”
Your obsession with this shot is well-founded. Just look at that location and lighting! Really looks like hell, in a good way.

The costume is made entirely by Bamzy Cosplay, thumbs up for that!
If you want to see more of this talented girl, visit her Facebook, Deviant Art and Twitter and enjoy in her great work.

Photos were taken by talented Novii Photography.


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