The Mischievous Cheshire Cat


As we all know, the Cheshire Cat character originated from the disney film Alice in Wonderland where this mysterious cat occasionally appears either to lend Alice some help or sometimes confuse her. He is a big fat furry blue and black striped cat who loves to play around silly mind games with Alice. One thing that’s really a bit disturbing about this cat was his freakishly wide smile. A naughty yet adorable character.

Here are some mind-blowing, artistically made Cheshire Cat cosplay by Mary Miuu. She did all the costumes and make-up herself. One was inspired from the “Alice in Wonderland” disney movie and the other from “Alice in Raveland” where her friend Catherine cosplayed as the Mad Hatter. Photos were taken by Carl Lapriz, Lexa One, and Mary herself.

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland


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