Make Them Say Your Name Three Times With This Beetlejuice Makeup


When you need to exorcise some mortals from your home, you put in a call to the “Ghost With The Most” by saying his name three times! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! If he doesn’t answer, then you can always just follow this awesome makeup tutorial from Hayley Harrison and make yourself look like our favorite bio-exorcist.

She starts off with her wig and costume already on, and starts applying some Fenty primer to her face to prepare the skin for all the makeup to come. She mixes Beauty Blender foundation with some Ben Nye clown white makeup to form a nice white foundation that is not TOO white.  She applies it all over her face with a Beauty Blender, making sure to blend it down her neck and under the costume. Kat Von D Lock It concealer in the color White Out comes in next and she applies it under her eyes and as an eyeshadow primer.  She blends the concealer in with her Beauty Blender before applying some DermaBlend setting powder with a brush to set the foundation and concealer in place.

Moving to the eyes, she brushes back her brows and then paints them with some green from the Wet N’ Wild Bright paint palette and then takes some Concrete Minerals eyeshadow in the color Thrash to fill them in before using the Nyx color mascara in yellow to highlight them. Her eyes then get shadowed with some Starcrushed Minerals loose shadow in Lavender and Passionfruit as well as Dope from the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette, and she makes big circles as she blends to give herself that good and dead look that is all the rage in the netherworld.  A black color stick and some Plum Starcrushed shadow help give a smoky look to the whole eye, and really just makes it pop.

Starcrushed Minerals Undead Planet and the Concrete Minerals Thrash are the colors of choice for accenting her face with some green spots, which are going to serve as the base for the moss she will be applying next. Some craft store moss gets applied with some Ben Nye adhesive, and then she moves to putting some latex on her lips to give them a chapped look before applying some dark red lipstick over it.  She then puts on her lashes and mascara before adding some Mehron Tooth Effects in the colors Nicotine and Black to her teeth liberally to give them that extra gross look.

After that is all done, she styles her wig and “It’s Showtime!”

This is a great look for the Halloween season or any time you want to give the living a good scare!


Wanted to do one of my all time favorite Tim Burton characters, the legendary Beetlejuice!! (played by Michael Keaton, original makeup by Ve Neill). I would say this tutorial is totally beginner friendly, and besides makeup you probably have lying around, you just need white face paint, liquid latex and moss. And I got this costume at Amazon for only $35!
And this wig also on Amazon for $21..
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Filmed on a t6i Rebel from Canon!!
Songs used are “Beetlejuice Figure Remix” and “Beetlejuice Ill Esha Halloween Remix”

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