Hoshilily’s Sakura Futaba Cosplay Is On Point


Megami Tensei or Shin Megami Tensei is an internationally marketed game that composes of multiple subseries. This franchise covers multiple RPG(Role Playing Game) genres, action role-playing, and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

The story in the game is shaped by the decisions made by the player. The game, being a scifi genre, deals with other elements too including to morality, religion, occultism, cyberpunk, philosophy, etc. and throughout the years, the franchise has proven itself worthy of its targeted fanbase.

One of the characters that captured the attention of players is Sakura Futaba who is not easily a fan favorite character but her being a recluse probably made her relatable to a lot of players who are now sitting alone in their rooms not wanting to ha2ve anything to do with the messy world outside.

Here’s an effortless cosplay of Futaba by the beautiful Hoshilily who has once again proven that you do not need to be showing off a lot of skin to look beautiful in a cosplay.


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