Deadly Beauty


Nothing fascinates me more than a woman bending the norms of character cosplay. Here’s a flashback of Raychul Moore‘s sexy and totally mind-blowing cosplay of Altair of the Assassin’s Creed! It’s so hot hot hot! You might just ask her to kill you already before you do something foolish that might just piss her off.

We always see assassins in Assassin’s Creed wrapped with clothes and gears all around their bodies to hide their identity. But I know you guys won’t mind if they will flaunt some skin, especially if they have that super beautiful face and body like Raychul. She wore this cosplay some years ago at “WonderCon” and then at “Pop Culture Con“. Photos were taken by Ngo Photography. We love Raychul Moore so much that we put her on the cover of Bazowie! magazine.

Altair_Assassin's Creed


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