Extraordinary Violet Evergarden Cosplay


Korean cosplayer, TUNA is portraying Violet from the anime called Violet Evergarden which is based on an award winning Japanese light novel series of the same name. As a hardcore anime fan and a gamer, you can bet she has knowledge of the shoes that she is stepping into. Evidently, she and her photographer, LMH, have taken time to examine the history of the character and the elements in the anime carefully and they were able to bring that to life.

This cosplay is making me realize that the best cosplayers are the fans themselves because who else aside from the creators would know the characters as much and be able to portray them as they are in their natural habitat?

I believe that part of the fun in cosplaying is learning as much as you can about the character and memorizing the tiny details before stepping into that role. Not only does it add more to your confidence, but it makes the experience much more fulfilling knowing you have done justice to the cosplay.


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