Geek Piñata’s Funny Female Doc Brown Back to the Future Cosplay


Doc Brown’s specific look–from physical appearance to eccentric clothing–is hard to emulate through cosplay. But here Geek Piñata pulls it off in a genius way. Her white wig is nothing like Doc Brown’s frizzy hair, but she more than makes up for it with accurate props (especially dig the goggles!) and a telling neurotic facial expression. This attention to detail creates a successful, recognizable cosplay. I feel like the blank background was a missed opportunity, since Doc Brown often places himself in chaotic surroundings, but other than that, this cosplay is basically perfect.


Because I didn’t go with a partially bald wig, I decided to also pick up welding goggles. Doc Brown isn’t wearing any in that particular scene with the jumpsuit, but I figured they were iconic and he does where them in another scene, so why not? 🙂 I ordered everything off of Amazon because of Amazon Prime! I love Amazon Prime btw, it’s perfect for procrastinators. Once I got everything in the mail I just had a few tasks to complete.

First, I had to draw the radioactive symbol on to the gloves. I used a black permanent marker to freehand the symbol and let it dry before putting them on. I also increased the overall size of the symbols so they were more noticeable in photos. After that, I took the neon orange duct tape to add those accent elements on the white jumpsuit. The orange accent on the bottom of the pants required a paper scissors to cut the shape out correctly, but it was easy peasy. You can see those details on the jumpsuit in the photos below.

After I was done I tried everything on and took some photos to practice Doc Brown’s surprised/shocked expression that he has so often in the films. I didn’t do so well at first, but eventually I got it down. 😀


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