Meloody is One Sexy Kitty


Meloody is a hot cat in this show, but more importantly, she is a big-time geek girl. All around her room are little references to different parts of geek culture. From Pokemon, to Mario, and Rick and Morty. The more you look the more you see. That is if you can take your eyes off her in the first place.

Redheads may get a lot of flak, but when they are hot they are really hot. Meloody is no different. This sexy redhead has curves to die for, amazing eyes, and a gorgeous smile. Add in the sexy cat costume and her sexy tattoos and this girl is a real treat.

Pay Attenion!! If u are respectful + friendly = I’ll be so happy… so i’ll make u happy!! No dirty stuff or nasty show… don’t be a bad boy!! Please! if u send a sexual graphics i’ll kill u… lol The most important in this room is… enjoy with my crazy personality


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