Ellen Ripley by Verisa Cosplay


Well, Ripley, we’re alone in space… where do we go from here?

Ok, I think that fans of the movie Alien recognize the name in the quote above.

Yeah, here comes the Ellen Ripley revived by the great Verisa Cosplay who did a marvelous job!

First, she really looks like Ripley. I thought it was an old studio promo picture but nope.

Awesome work, girl.

You really captured her aura and your attention to the character is outstanding – even the flamethrower and jumpsuit look just like the ones in the movie.

At the end, I only can say – Happy Alien Day to you, too.

If you want to see more from this talented girl, visit her Facebook, Instagram and Patreon page.

Photos were taken by Kira.


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