Sexy Halloween Mummy Contest


So I decided to spend Halloween handing out candy to trick or treaters and hanging out on MFC. Like you do. Only I was in the middle of getting ready to write an article about this Columbian beauty who did such an amazing job on her sexy mummy cosplay … and the doorbell rang with little ghouls wanting candy. Like they do. And this model is someone I just discovered and followed today and now I can’t figure out which profile is hers. Possibly she is not always green and covered in sultry strategically placed bandages. So here is a contest: If you can find her on MFC and tell me the MFC name of this model, I will give you free copies of Bazowie! magazine. She definitely is on MFC and can be found there, so I need all you Indiana Jones explorers to get spelunking. Please comment here with the answer or hit me up on the SexyFandom Twitter.


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