Happy Halloween, AmberCutie!

AmberCutie is an absolute icon in the streaming world. Take a look at cam girl profiles and you will see many listing AmberCutie as a personal favorite and inspiration. She has given so much to the camming community and helped so many people. I highly recommend her ACF (Amber Cutie Forums) as pretty much your first stop, if you are considering becoming a streamer. Models at every level of experience share knowledge and opinions and the occasional member chimes in as well. ACF also has a system for models to become verified and be able to converse in secret models-only forums, but so much of the information is just publicly available. Even if you are not thinking of streaming yourself, it can be helpful to take a look to get tips about etiquette and how models feel about hanging out and chatting versus lurking and when it is polite to tip and when it is okay not to. AmberCutie is also the mastermind behind CamGirlWiki. A very helpful giving person, plus she is charming and fun and sexy on cam and she looks so incredibly fabulous tonight in her Halloween costume. Someone in her room asked if her bra matches what she is wearing, but I just knew that, with an outfit that on point, of course the lingerie was going to match delightfully. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to see her live now. For Halloween, it is free to set up a profile to join the conversation in AmberCutie‘s livestream room.

Username: AmberCutie
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Height: 64 inches
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married
Occupation/Major: Bringing smiles to MFC since 2009. Running ACF since 2010.
Tags: big tits, girl next door, brunette, talkative, glasses, hot ass, natural, friendly, ACF, silly, big boobs, real boobs, naked, music, dork, pretty pink pussy club, landing strip, curvy, AmberLand, Cooties, Forum, Mobile

Interests & Hobbies
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Now, I admit that I am on MFC to make tokens, as it is how I make my living. But I also really enjoy what I do, and take joy in the time I spend on cam.

The conversations and interactions I have daily in my chat room are so very fulfilling to me. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this if it wasn’t for some very funny, sweet, and caring members. Those that provide a fun environment for me seem to be very happy with what they get in return, and it keeps them coming back nearly every day. Maybe you could feel the same way, but you’ll never know unless you come hang out in my chat for a bit and spend some time talking to me. Or even go a step further and check out ACF and CGW…

The fellow MFC models I have interacted with have also been a huge inspiration and delight. Back when I first began camming there wasn’t much of a community, so I created ACF (AmberCutie’s Forum) in order for other models as well as our members to get together and chat. Being able to share stories and advice, and honestly to vent a little(!) with like-minded people has kept me going for so many years. I’m also very proud to have started CamGirlWiki.com to gather and share helpful information, tips and advice for those who are new to the camming world. So I welcome everyone to join, read, and share ACF and CGW with those who you think might find them useful!

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