RinCity Cosplaying RinCity


I complimented RinCity on her cosplay tonight. With the sexy elegant green corset and red hair and flowering vines everywhere, it could be interpreted as Poison Ivy, but she explained she is just really dressed as herself, not as any particular character, as she’s go for maximum accuracy if she were totally cosplaying. In all fairness, she admits her plan for taking over Gotham involves seducing Harley Quin. My bets are on her and Harley to win total domination easily.

My favorite fandom attire is inspired by the tropes of fandom, but involves us all making our own characters. Like real life, only cooler. So I love RinCity’s stylish approach to getting dressed. She so frequently puts together elfy or fae or comic book feeling looks and she looks vivacious and beautiful in all of them. She says she tries to avoid razor blade fingernails in her costuming and fashion choices because, you know, safety first. It is free this day before Halloween to set up a profile to join the conversation.


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