A Night with the Nocturnal


I play a game that everyone knows of and is really famous among the gaming industry which is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I won’t convince you or explain anything about Skyrim being a very great game but I will tell you that Skyrim has a very vast story line and hundreds of side quests. The Elder Scrolls series doesn’t fail us to give the RPG feeling in playing their games.

Well anyway, I remember finishing a quest about the Nightingales in Skyrim because those outfit really rocks. It gives you the stealth, assassin like look but actually it’s a thieves outfit and besides that it will also reward you a skeleton key which unlocks any doors you desire.


During the quest you’ll meet a very shadowy yet sexy Daedric princess named Nocturnal whose sphere is the night and darkness. She is also known as the Night Mistress and “Lady Luck”. Nocturnal claims to be an aspect of the void of Oblivion itself, and takes such titles as Mother of Night or Night Mistress. Her very nature is such that humans cannot understand her, as she is the embodiment of the unfathomable and enigmatic. In short she is all about darkness and shit. To be honest, for this topic, I care less about her personality or anything but more on her physical appearance since this is a cosplay blog.

Going Back our cosplayer for today is Olga one of the famous Milligan Vick’s model and oh Milligan really doesn’t disappoint us with her photos. Her shoots, cosplay and cosplayer are always great that it just becomes a norm of her to post fabulous cosplays. First is the setting of the photoshoot, the area itself really represents where you’ll meet nocturnal in the game. Second is the lighting – they were able to catch the lighting very much like in the game with bluish ground lightings. Third is the costume – I’ll just late you compare this one, they got everything correct although adding a crow like in the game would make it better. Fourth is the model – her physique, thight, breast, height closely matches the Nocturnal in Skyrim. Well that’s all I can write for today just look at her boobs cosplay to prove what I’m saying. Don’t forget to follow Milligan Vick on Twitter1349256-1322601924



TESV_Nocturnal, Tumblr and her DeviantArt gallery.


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