Freaky Gargoyle Cosplay by Haunted Cosplay and Rotten Artist


Gargoyles, as scary as they might look, are one of the most prominent structures we see in some buildings around Europe. This was because of the legend of St. Romanus of Rouen. According to the legend, St. Romanus saved the country from the monstrous creature and mounted its head on the walls of the newly built church to ward off evil spirits, protecting the inhabitants of the community.

However, on the Gargoyles (TV series) which was produced by Walt Disney Television in 1994, Gargoyles are no longer the scary creatures, as decribed in the legend of St. Romanus, but are good nocturnal creatures who secretly defend the peace and keep the streets of New York city safe at night.

Speaking of Gargoyles, check out this freakishly amazing Gargoyle cosplay by Haunted Cosplay and RottenArtist which they wore on Comic Con 2011 and Halloween 2017. Their Gargoyle cosplay suit, designed by RottenArtist has recieved positive response from their co-cosplayers, as they have also been invited to be part of a calendar shoot for Trail of Terror in 2017 (Check out the last photo!).


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