Lithesome Swimsuit Scáthach Cosplay


Even if it was the end of summer, for cosplayers, if it’s for the characters they cosplay, they will brave the weather outdoors with their costumes just to get that perfect photoshoot. It may be summer warm outside but that doesn’t discourage cosplayers from wearing thick clothed costumes or full body armor sets. Likewise, even if fall’s coming or winter, some cosers will wear even a bikini for a shoot if they have to.

Regardless of whether this Scáthach cosplay from Fate/Grand Order by “Fire Fox” (translated from Chinese pseudonym: 火狐礼斗) was taken during summer, or maybe during winter, or during fall, this is quite the head turner and I’m pretty sure those who don’t know much about the Fate series wish they followed it. Scáthach is often portrayed wearing her all black leathery outfit however, as a given silent rule for most games and animes, there always has to be a summer swimsuit version to serve as fanservice for the audience.

Photograph by: SAKIIKA


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