Summertime Scathach Cosplay


Okay ladies, time to bring out your best swimwear and head to the beach for a dip! The heat certainly is rising and it’s probably about to get higher because of the flood of swimwear cosplays that will be indulging social media and its netizens as summer arrives.

Here’s a flawless cosplay of Fate/Grand’s very own queen of the land of shadows, Scathatch, cosplayed by Maou Sama. Scathatch is most of the time clad in black from half of her head to the tip of her fingers and toes, which is cool, considering she’s an assassin and I get that she might be going for the mysterious ninja look, but sometimes it almost seems like she is getting eaten alive by her clothes and only the top of her head is all that is left. But since it’s warm and time for the beach, this cosplayer obviously believes that summer clothes in order and she’s made an excellent choice with this character’s swimwear. Wouldn’t you agree?


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