Angels of Death Episode 1


Angels of Death is originally a Japanese horror game for Windows (Makoto Sanada). With the graphic novel game feel to it, I can sense from the time I watched the first episode that this could be a horror game turned into anime series. The manga adaptation of the game was released in 2015 and finally, this July 6, 2018, the first episode of the 16-episode anime version finally aired.

Rachel Gardner woke up without much memories except that she was supposed to be at the hospital because she witnessed people getting murdered. She arrived into an elevator where the voice says that it is the playroom. Here, she encountered the man with his entire body bandaged with a scythe (later revealed as Isaac Foster). Each floor has its own “person in charge” with a lot of craziness. On the “playroom”, Isaac chased Rachel because she was supposed to be the “sacrifice” so she escaped to the elevator and arrived to another floor.

When she arrived to another floor, it looks like the hospital she just left and here she found the creepy doctr, Daniel Dickens, who claims that he was her counselor. Later, it was revealed that he has this obsession with Rachel’s eyes because it looks like his mother’s eyes (when she died). On a twist, Isaac was able to go to Daniel’s floor and killed him when he was pinning Rachel on the operating table. He was about to kill Rachel but the voice says that the traitor became the sacrifice so it seems like there is no need to kill Rachel. When Isaac went to the elevator to go back where he came from, Rachel followed him and asked him a favor…to kill her.


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