Inviting Utaha Cosplay


Fancy a little bedroom cosplay selfie? Personally, I have nothing against these kinds of selfies because, hey, not everyone has their own personal team of photographers, special effects team, etc. so they must make do with what they have. Some cosplayers might not have much success with the outcomes of their bedroom selfies, but Hoshilily’s cosplay tribute to Saekano’s character, Utaha Kasumigaoka, certainly isn’t one of them.

I appreciate her styled and trimmed wig, because let’s face it, it’s rare to buy a wig and to have it fit just right. As for her costume, I’m not entirely sure if this is official (let me know in the comments!), but this was being sold in some shops under “Kasumigaoka Utaha Cosplay”. The truth is, some cosplayers in Asia have sponsor shops that provide them with their costumes, so they do what they can to promote the shop and take photos of themselves wearing the costumes. The shops then have the authority to use these photos for their shops to promote the items they are selling. Whether or not this is one of those cases…is none of our business. So, let’s just appreciate the cosplay she’s sharing, shall we?


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