Imperator Harlow Harrison Puts Boys in Their Place


What do you do when your tenants are late on rent and show you no respect? If you are Harlow Harrison, you question your life choices, take a good long look at the mirror, and shave your head Furiosa-style. The you lace up into some thigh boots, stretch into some fishnet, and stomp on over to demand satisfaction. This Burning Angel video serves up strong female character, as Harlow takes what she wants, where and when and how she wants it.

Total dummy tenants Xander Corvus and Owen Gray are 10 days past due on the rent AGAIN, and it sends inked MILF Harlow Harrison into quite a tizzy, even going so far as to question who she is anymore. These mother FUCKERS think they can just stiff her like that? I don’t think so!


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