Emilia Cosplay Hopping Into The Limelight


Since its premier, the anime Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World has become a phenomenon all over the internet and cosplay photos of the characters from this series have no doubt flooded social media as well as already invaded the halls of anime conventions. Though not as big of a phenomenon that Sword Art Online and Attack On Titan had become after they were released, Re:Zero still managed to catch the attention of quite the number of cosplayers.

Taking advantage of the success and popularity of the anime, Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World, Chinese cosplayer, Kurokawa, has done a beautiful portrayal of the charismatic protagonist, Emilia, a beautiful half-elf with long silver hair. Usually, Emilia cosplayers wear Emilia’s signature white and purple outfit with a white flower on her hair. However, it seems that Kurokawa has decided that she doesn’t want to wear this “default” clothing. That’s right, there’s too many of those cosplays already, so why not go with the bunny girl version?


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