Tamia is a Sexy Tagger


Tamia, from Cosplayerotica, does a wonderful job of cosplaying as Mew from Jet Set Radio. Jet Set Radio started out as an unlikely hit on the Dreamcast, and as much as fans loved the game they are sure to love Tamia even more. She is as much of a work of art as any graffiti I have ever seen before.

She is dressed from head to toe in bright blue, a blue outfit, hair, and bright lipstick. And, she must be getting her money’s worth out of those roller blades because she has a tight, athletic body. Her blue lipstick really highlights her pretty smile, which is already her best feature. Those big pearly whites are simply gorgeous.

Mew is a playable character in Jet Set Radio. She joins the GG’s after the player proves his/her skill by doing a few tricks. Her name (mi-u) or (bi-su = Bis) is written in orange Japanese katakana characters on the front of her dress.


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