Mindblowing Final Fantasy XV Cosplay


Well that escalated quickly!

It hasn’t been long since the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV was released and long-time fans are still raving over this video game. In less than 48-hours after the game’s release, critics have already flooded the internet with reviews both positive and negative.

But I’m not here to talk about that! I am here to tell you…

…that Noctis and Luna are REAL PEOPLE.

No, I’m just joking.

They’re not real, but you will definitely think they are after you take a look at this realistic cosplay of the Final Fantasy XV characters uploaded by cosplayer, NOCTIS_ZANG and Playstation中国. The cosplay so flawless that you’d think it was CGI, however upon closer inspection you realize these are actually just very beautiful human beings. Noctis_Zhang, as obvious as it gets, is the Noctis cosplayer. So far there has been no information as of yet regarding Noctis_Zhang’s mysterious cosplay partner who portrayed Lunafreya.


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