The Doll Life Season 2 Episode 2


Okay, the last episode is a cliff-hanger where I’m itching to know and wished that they all have it all wrong with Audra. “Haters’ Tea Party”, the second episode of the season 2 of Myx TV’s The Doll Life, started with Stephanie acting like herself (the know-it-all), and Stevie who I don’t even know whose side he is since he hates Stephanie too, went to disturb Cyril to tell her about what Tiffany told them about Audra but Cyril shoo-ed them away.

Ashphord prepared cookies for the Hater’s Tea Party; however, no one thanked her for the time and effort she spent on baking those. No one came to the party and Stephanie read one of the comments and she exploded like a bomb. I think that if they focus on improving, Stephanie is just focusing on garnering more hate comments because of how she is. The other comment was very offensive, especially to Ashphord, because on the comments it is actually specifically referring to her using the N word.

It was revealed on this episode that Stephanie was bullied when she was little and I don’t think she knows that she’s actually bullying the others because she was bullied before. It just feels wrong about Stephanie talking about bullying when she’s doing it to others.

A little later, Tiffany arrived and I thought she’d never come. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for to see the truth actually come out directly from Audra and not from others.

Tiffany dropped the bomb and Audra explained that it is not — and never is — a cake porn. It’s like body art but only with cake. The way Tiffany delivered it is obviously just like the one we see on TV or on Mean Girls. It was not Audra who was acting all cute and innocent but both Tiffany and Stephanie, don’t you think? And Stephanie should drop that “porn” labelling on the art that Audra is doing, as what she want other people to drop naming and cursing DollyDelight.

Stevie and Stephanie seems to be in a rush to have Audra fired and I think it’s sweet for Ashphord to defend Audra not only because Audra is her friend but because it is not right to outright fire her because of art that others maliciously think as porn. The naked sculptures and painting aren’t called PORN (FYI Stephanie), it was called ART. It was and had always been called as art.

Instead of wasting time thinking about what people say about Audra, Cyril opened up with the group that she would like to hold a Sample Sale in order to raise $2500 to start up the ready-to-wear business. Ashphord tried to help out by also selling cakes at the Sample Sale, but as usual, instead of saying it to Ashphord’s face, she talked bad about Ashphord behind her back.

I don’t know if it’s just me or you guys really got so irritated with Stephanie right now. Not only is that she’s backstabbing, she’s inconsistent as hell especially when she said she does not have any problem with what Audra was doing — and she seriously needs to drop that “cake porn” stuff — when she was talking about about it since the last episode! I mean, it’s really infuriating! One of the things that Audra is busy about is actually doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book of her photos and art. If you take a look on it, you’ll see art and not porn.

On the preview for the next episode, Stevie and Stephanie watched the video and tried to talk bad about it (again) to Cyril and Cyril outright told them that instead of focusing on their Sample Sale, they’re focusing on nonsense and they’re being unprofessional and bullying Audra. I can’t wait how it turns on the 3rd episode!


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